Continue Your Education

At Aquanauitcs we encourage all of our students to expand their training and knowledge of Diving.  With a large assortment of courses, there are many areas that will excite you.  Diving the wrecks of North Carolina, the deep walls of Grand Cayman and drifting the great Mezo-American reef of Cozumel are all at the top of the list.  Taking a course from one of our skilled instructors will guarantee your confidence and skills are up to the task of diving these exciting locations.  With our attention to detail and focus on our students needs, you can be assured you will come out of the experience a more knowledgeable and competent diver. 

Your introduction to these exciting skills will be your Advance Diver course. After that you have several specialties that range from Side-Mount Diving to Night, Deep, Enriched Air and many more!  Join us today to explore all of these amazing options.  We promise that your love of diving will only grow stronger the more you learn. That is how many of your instructors got to where they are.  We Live to Dive and Explore our Underwater World.  We look forward to seeing you in the water soon!

Matt climbing out of Cenote Temple of Doom


Confined Water Training and Classroom training for Open Water students. This four day class consists of a minimum of 6 hours classroom and 6 hours of pool time.

Cost: $ 300.00