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Professional Scuba Diving Instruction

Professional Courses

Professional-Level Courses for Scuba Diving Leaders and Scuba Instructors

Are you ready to transform your life?

You’ve been a scuba diver for a good while, you may have already acquired the Rec 3 rating, and treated yourself to many fun-filled scuba diving vacations —but something’s missing. Then one day you realize that you not only want to participate in scuba diving, but you want to teach the sport you have come to love.  A lot of us here at Aquanautics have lived this story and we are here because of it.  Challenge yourself and find amazing rewards when you endeavor to become a Scuba Professional.  There are lots of ways to get there.  Give us a call here at the shop and discover your path and embark on your next great Adventure!


 Professional-Level Training:

  • Will expand your knowledge of dive theory.
  • Teaches you to apply your experience to confined water skills training, knowledge development presentations, and open water training.
  • Provides career opportunities worldwide.
  • Expands your knowledge of the Scuba Industry
  • Enables you to meet and network with other dive professionals worldwide.
  • Lets you do what you love!

Are You Ready?

To find out how to get started, contact us to discuss your goals and course schedule.


PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy

Observe aquatic life without disturbing their surroundings. Improve the buoyancy skills you learned as a new diver and elevate them to the next level.

ESM (Extreme Scuba Makeover)

ESM (Extreme Scuba Makeover) is a great first step towards transitioning from "regular" forms of scuba diving to UTD/DIR style of diving.

PADI Enriched Air Diver

The most popular PADI specialty course. Scuba diving with enriched air nitrox gives you more no decompression time, especially on repetitive scuba dives.

Feb 22
PADI Confined Water and Classroom
Feb 23
ESM (Extreme Scuba Makeover)
Feb 23
PADI Confined Water and Classroom


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