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Recreation Diver 3(Helitrox)

Helitrox is a breathing gas mixture containing oxygen, nitrogen, and helium. Why would you want to have helium in the mix? Simple - helium limits the narcotic effect that divers experience on deeper dives when using air or nitrox. By limiting narcosis, your dives will be safer and more enjoyable.

Helium is not just for those "tech divers" out there. It's important that recreational divers wanting to dive deeper than 100ft have access to the gas mixtures too. Now you can with the UTD Recreational 3 (Helitrox) class.

The class is designed for the recreational diver who wants to learn the final step in recreational diving without moving into deco bottles or staged decompression, tech or overhead environments. In other words, those who want to stay within recreational diving limits of 130'/39m but want to use enriched mixtures of helium (Helitrox 25/25). It's geared towards those who have taken Essentials of Recreational diving and Recreational 2 and now want the next step in applying the UTD foundation and UTD principles into their deeper recreational diving practices to increase both safety and fun.

Course Details

  • Minimum age 18
  • UTD Recreational 2 and Essentials of Rec (or equivalent)

Upon completion you will be qualified to:
  • Dive to 130ft
  • Dive with Nitrox 32 and Helitrox 25/25
  • No stage decompression
  • No overhead environments

Course fee: $649
Additional - student materials, certification processing, any rental gear needed for training dives


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